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Would you like to get Fit through Hiking?

All our HIKEFit Coaches are qualified Fitness Trainer and with Wilderness First Aid training and certificate. We take people out each week Hiking through Sydney's National Parks , Reserves and Famous locations to keep fit, happy and healthy.

This is about getting FIT in Nature,

Another benefit of exercising in nature, is you are hiking with other like-minded individuals, what a great way to meet you people and learn new things, all while getting fit, there are wonderful mental health benefits as well as the Physical.

Manly Dam Circuit, Manly Dam
Tuesday 2nd June 7am

Meeting Point: Seaforth Oval, Off Wakehurst Parkway

Hike Coach : Kelly
After meeting at the Seaforth Oval, Kelly will lead you back on management trail towards Warringah road, we then cross Wakehurst Parkweay and enter the areas of Manly dam . Here we traverse down to the Dam, cross a bridge and await hiking surprises, including the Mermaid Pools. Depending upon the day , Kelly will find an interesting and challenging path for you back to the cars.

Shelley Beach and the PINK Cave
Wednesday 3rd June 7pm

Meeting Point : end of Bower Road, Shelley Beach

HIKEFit Coach : Kelly
During tonights hike while the moon guides our way, we pass a hanging swamp in search for an old Bunker and the famous "Pink Cave". We will return to our starting point via an old sandstone wall.

Castlecrag Menagerie
Friday 5th June 9.30am

Meeting Point: TBA

HIKEFit Coach : Nicola
This wonderful hike taking place around the waters of Castlecrag. It It is also a great opportunity for new hikers to join us. This is a relatively short hike, but has plenty of hills to tease you .

We will meet at the Castlecrag shops on Edinburgh nowhere and walk up and down around the water and through magnificent natural forests. As we start to head back to the car, I tempt you with this challenging 300+ steps hidden water edge. NOT to be missed !!

Bungaroo Pipeline, St Ives
Sat 6th June , 7am

Meeting Point: 79 Hunters Ave, St Ives

HIKEFit Coach : Nicola

HIKEFit will start around 79 Hunter Ave, St Ives.
We will begin our hike on the Bungaroo Track, head down to the water , then we will hike through the beautiful Garigal National park , there are so many hidden paths, you’ll have to watch your HIKEFit coach closely to which tracks she takes !

Allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching. In total approx. 9Km walk – Level 7

Sphinx Hills
Sunday 7th June 8am

Meeting Point: End of Bobbin Head Road, at entrance of National Park

HIKEFit Leader : Nicola

HIKEFit will meet at the end of Bobbin Head Road, and walk into the National Park. If you have a national park pass please meet us inside by the Sphinx.

This is a 9km hike, with plenty of hills, we traverse management trails, bush tracks and steps. There are plenty of inclines and declines to give you a big fitness workout. I call this a LEVEL 7 hike. This has plenty of steep climbs, poles are encouraged. Allow around 3hours for the Hike and stretching.

Wellington Marina, Roseville Chase
Monday 8th June 7am

Meeting Point : End of Babbage Road

HIKEFit Leader : Nicola

We meet at the end of Babbage Road, Near Echo Point marina, we will take hike towards the Twin Creeks Track and find an array of stairs along the way to keep us entertained. Out plan is to get to the top of the Wellingotn Steps to see the views from where we have come
Out and back track , approx. 9km, Please allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching.

Industrial Survivors , Wollstonecraft
Tuesday 9th June 7am

Meeting point : End of Shirley road, Wollstonecraft

HIKEFit Coach: Kelly

Come and experience the harbour foreshore in beautiful bush that has survived what was once an industrial centre of the harbour as we traverse Waverton and Greenwich with some hilly challenges and a little rock walking to improve balance

Lanecove Loop, Chatswood West
Wednesday 10th June 7pm

Meeting Point: 2 River Ave, Chatswood West

HIKEFit Coach: Kelly

We are doing the full loop of the lanecove river. It's interesting when youwalk at night how different the Hike feels. In total 11.5KM, although, I think this is a flat hike, Strava and hikers have told it has plenty of undulation; so don't take this as an easy walk, when we hike it will challenge you. I rate this as a Level 6 Hike.

Allow around 3hours for the Hike and stretching.