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Would you like to get Fit through Hiking?

As a qualified Fitness Trainer and with my Wilderness First Aid Certificate I take people out each week Hiking through Sydney's National Parks to get fit, happy and healthy.

This is about getting FIT in Nature,

Another benefit of exercising in nature, is you are hiking with other like-minded individuals, what a great way to meet you people and learn new things, all while getting fit, there are wonderful mental health benefits as well as the Physical.

Road to Nowhere, Belrose

Saturday 22nd February
6:30am - 9:45am
Meeting point: 25 Morgan Road, Belrose

HIKEFit will meet at 25 Morgan Road, Belrose. A little hard to find but look for a natural parking bay . We take the Slippery Dip Track for approx about 1KM then we venture into the bush via a small track and the trail starts to get really beautiful. There are fabulous Rock Escarpments, great views throughout. We stop halfway at a lovely waterfall and explore a near by cave. Then we head up via the "Road to Nowhere" trail and complete a loop back to our cars.
Its a 10km Hike, with spectacular scenery..

Davidson Water and the Falls

Sunday 23rd February
7am - 10am
Meeting point: End of Boree Road, Forestville

HIKEFit will meet at the end of Boree Road, Forestville at 7am. Here we enter the Garigal National Park, our first destination is to walk through to this wonderful waterfall, which we can only do if it is dry. We then head into Davidson park and loop around a high path and a low path. This is a magical walk, with some steep inclines; we will encounter boulders, caves, rock scenery etc and plenty of path variations.

Approx 9km , allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching. This is a level 8 Hike, Hiking Shoes are recommended.

Davidson Creek

Sunday 23rd February
3pm -5:30pm
Meeting point: 14 Ryrie Road, Forestville
Please arrive 10mins early for car pooling

HIKEFit will meet on Ryrie Avenue, Forestville, 10mins before 3pm. We will carpool into the Davidson park. You are most welcome to park in Davidson park, but note there is a $8 parking fee, unless you have a national park pass.

This is a magical walk it starts easy for the "warmup" , we encounter some boulders, caves, rock scenery etc ; we will walk for approx 4km or for 1 hr 15mins, hopefully we get to the Pipeline. We will have a small break just before them There we have a small break and return via the same loop.

Approx 8KM, Level 5. Allow around 2.5hours for Carpooling, Hike and stretching.

Albany Outlook, East Killara

Saturday 29th February
6:30am - 10am
Meeting point: 147 Koola Road, East Killara

HIKEFit will start around 147 Koola Ave, east Killara. This trail includes steps, boulders, water views, more steps and more boulders. Fabulous hike between 8-11km (depending upon the day), and yes it is located in near Sydney suburbia yet in the Garigal National Park.

Allow around 3hours for the Hike and stretching. In total approx. 8KM walk - Level 9