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Would you like to get Fit through Hiking?

All our HIKEFit Coaches are qualified Fitness Trainer and with Wilderness First Aid training and certificate. We take people out each week Hiking through Sydney's National Parks , Reserves and Famous locations to keep fit, happy and healthy.

This is about getting FIT in Nature,

Another benefit of exercising in nature, is you are hiking with other like-minded individuals, what a great way to meet you people and learn new things, all while getting fit, there are wonderful mental health benefits as well as the Physical.

St Ives Hills, St Ives
Wednesday 12th May, 7:00pm

HIKEFit Leader: Kelly

Up and down fire trails, upper & lower Cranborne
Meeting Point: Acron Oval, approx. 8kms

Sphinx Hills, Bobbin Head
Friday 14th May, 7:00am

HIKEFit Leader: Nicola

HIKEFit will meet at the end of Bobbin Head Road, and walk into the National Park. If you have a national park pass please meet us inside by the Sphinx.

This is a 9km hike, with plenty of hills, we traverse management trails, bush tracks and steps. There are plenty of inclines and declines to give you a big fitness workout. I call this a LEVEL 7 hike. This has plenty of steep climbs, poles are encouraged. Allow around 3hours for the Hike and stretching.

Davidson Pipeline with City Views, Davidson
Saturday 15th May 6:30am

HIKEFit Coach : Sonia

HIKEFit will meet at the beginning of Davidson Trail in Davidson at 6.30am. We first descend into Garigal National Park via a very Steep Path (poles are recommended).

We have done this hike several times however we have found a new way out of the park. This is a beautiful loop track allows us a Snack stop half way through our Hike at The Cascades, we then head up a steep bush track, which is also an unknown Mountain bike track, to a management trail, which at one end has the most magnificent views of Sydney. From here we descend back into the park via a mystery bush trail, this takes us back to Davidson trail, where we head up that magnificent hill to our cars.

Allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching.

Bungaroo Pipeline , St Ives
Sunday 16th May 6:45am

Hike Coach : Sonia

We will begin our hike on the Bungaroo Track, head down to the water , then we will hike through the beautiful Garigal National park , there are so many hidden paths, you’ll have to watch your HIKEFit coach closely to which tracks she takes !

Allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching. In total approx. 9Km walk – Level 7.

Cromer Wildflower, Cromer
Sunday 16th May 2:30pm

HIKEFit Coach: Sonia

This amazing area of Sydney will astound you. There is so much variety on this walk,
We start on a management trail then find our way on well use bike trails, which are quite muddy when wet as the ground is White Clay!
After a short period, we are walking on big rock platforms. there are many different paths so stay close to your trainer!
On the way home we will stop via Pond for our afternoon snack and then if you have the energy, Id love to take you to an amazing lookout

Only 6 km, allow 2hours hike and stretching. mostly flat

Ormonde Steps PLUS, Roseville
Monday 17th May, 7:00am

HIKEFit Leader: Nicola

Today is a nice east FAST walk around the waters of Roseville, starting in a deadend street, we find our first set of steps. We are going to head out to the Roseville Marina, depending upon our group, we may go all the way (adding another 3KM on) or we just stop under the bridge and turn around.

As we head past our entry point, we continue on this magical trail till we find what we call Wellington Steps, yes, 250 steps all the way up to Wellington Road. After looking out over the view of where we have just walked we will head back to the cars via the same path.

Allow around 2.5hours for the Hike and stretching.

Cremorne City Vistas, Cremorne
Tuesday 18th May 7:00am

HIKEFit Coach: Kelly

We meet at Cremorne Point and take the walking track to the Sydney, we drop into the newly opened HMAS Platypus sub base with great views and stairs then head onto Kirribillli and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, time pending we can head to Walsh Bay and Barangaroo Reserve and then the option of returning to Cremorne Point via the beautiful sparkling harbour on a ferry

Sirius Steps, Mosman
Wednesday 19th May 7:00pm

HIKEFit Leader: Kelly

We meet at Sirius Cove Reserve, when we says steps, we mean steps, there are seven stair summits just in this area alone.

There are many options to get the heart racing. After a tough workout, we can head towards the zoo and take in the beautiful harbour views getting some distance in also.