Sterling Results Fitness Club was established by Sonia Wray. At 52 years of age Sonia realised that to a live healthier and happier life was an important factor to aging; as such she transformed her career from a senior executive to a Personal Fitness Trainer, where her moto is being “Fit, Fabulous and Over 50”.

After completing her certifications Sonia focuses on clients just like her, those who are, or who want to be ‘Fit, Fabulous and Over 50’. Sonia’s philosophy is to hire trainers who are of similar background or appreciate the needs and challenges of the targeted clientele.

Sonia is a lover of trekking high altitude mountains and golf, as such she has designed programs specifically focused on these areas. Since founding Sterling Results Fitness Club , Sonia has repeated the benefits of living a healthier and fitter lifestyle , she has reduced her cholesterol and blood pressure readings, lost over 10kg , dramatically changed shape and is a much healthier post-menapausal women !

Sonia witnessed too many people struggle physically when going on their adventures of a lifetime, as such she wanted to help those embarking on a trek to be physically and mentally prepared. She loves helping clients get fitter in nature through her HIKEfit Program as well as building clients resistance to bone damage through her personal fitness training.


Nicola Moran
Nicola Moran
HIKEFit Coach

Nicola is a well known Hike Leader in NSW, she has a passion to help others become more confident as well as stronger, fitter and more socially connected.  She loves to help others develop their fitness and confidence to take on hiking adventures anywhere.

Kelly Books
Kelly Books
HIKEFit Coach

Kelly is an adventure coach in Sydney, with over 30 years experience in hiking and 15years in leading groups.  She is our expert when it comes to endurance events,  as she has completed 13x 100KM events, winning the women’s category in the Individual GNW 100.

Fiona Noonan
Fiona Noonan
Yoga Trainer

Fiona is the Owner and Yoga Teacher at ConsciousYou Yoga, on the Northern Beaches.  She teaches  Yin, Vinyassa, Restorative, beginner Hatha.  She strives to help beginner and experienced yogis feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential postures, and ensure a safe practice for everyone.

Head Trainer : Sonia Wray
Head Trainer : Sonia Wray
Fitness and Hiking

Sonia is also a lover of trekking high altitude mountains and golf. She will help prepared you for the trek of a lifetime, or ensure your Golf handicap reduces through specific fitness programs

Meg Thomson
Meg Thomson
Yoga Trainer

Meg is our yogi direct from “The Yoga Deck” in Castlecrag. Drawing on her 18 years yoga practice she can adapt the poses to suit the individual’s needs, meaning every class is tailor-made.

Staying Healthy Conversations
Staying Healthy Conversations
Facebook Live videos

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Topics include:

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From 2019

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Our vision is to transform your health
Our values are: Achieve Greatness, Fear Less, Embrace Nature, Live Life, Love Humanity, Be Healthy


  • Cert III and IV in Fitness

  • Certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR

  • Certificate in Kettlebell Training

  • Certificate in Boxing for Fitness

  • Certificate in Battleropes Training

  • Certificate in Technical Lifting

  • Certificate in Training Older Adults

  • Certificate in Restoring optimal function for the Hip, Knee and Ankle

  • Registered with the Australian Institute of Fitness #095758







Sonia has that great ability as a trainer, to both challenge and encourage. She has worked with me to identify and then achieve my fitness goals. When I began seeing Sonia I was recovering from a knee injury, I had been diagnosed...

Vanessa 2017


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