Alice Willenbrock

Alice joins our team from Engadine in the Shire .

Why did I get onto the Fitness business ?  To offer an alternative to those who value the joy of movement and self improvement over superficial body transformation goals. Experiencing first hand what a difference movement makes to my mental health I wanted to share the journey with others who might feel stuck.

Alice has a degree in Exercise Science as well as Cert III and IV in Fitness and  certifications in Pilates  and Yogalates.

Currently Alice offers Virtual Pilates and Fitness  classes

Maria Sims

Maria is passionate about helping others use tailored strength endurance and cardio exercise to achieve improved health and quality of life. As a nature lover, Maria will offer hiking as well as fitness classes and personal training. Maria lives in Willoughby , has her Certs III and IV in Fitness and is a LOVER of Hiking

Nicola Moran


Nicola is a well known Hike Leader in NSW, she has a passion to help others become more confident as well as stronger, fitter and more socially connected. Nicola offers a range of Fitness Classes , plus our Monday and Friday hikes.

Anne Maree Kelleher

Anne-Maree has recently joined us as an Outdoor Guide. She loves to share her passion for the outdoors and looks forward to leading you on exciting hikes in Sydney.

Head Trainer : Sonia Wray


Sonia is also a lover of trekking high altitude mountains and golf. She will help prepared you for the trek of a lifetime, or ensure your Golf handicap reduces through specific fitness programs

Meg Thomson

Meg is our yogi direct from “The Yoga Deck” in Castlecrag. Drawing on her 18 years yoga practice she can adapt the poses to suit the individual’s needs, meaning every class is tailor-made.

Staying Healthy Conversations

Over 35 exercises video on YOUTUBE

revisit our “Staying Health Conversation”  … topics include:

Gut Immunity.  Hiking Gear ,   How does your DNA effect appetite and exercise,  Your Metabolism  ,  Having a healthy mindset , Being Fit At Any Age,  New year resolutions “to make one or Not to make one, that is the question” ;  Managing the Party Season ; Exercise Recovery; Commitment and Consistency ; Seven Benefits of Hiking; Weight Loss Strategies