Vicky M (age 81)

Dec 2020

Congratulations on your award this year Sonia. This is a very well deserved acknowledgment of the work you do day in and day out to keep us fit. Its a great credit to you and has been a very important activity during the worst of Covid , as keeping moving has been so important. I’ve really appreciated your attention to us individually and the way you keep us moving. I was really glad to hear about the award as it is vey well deserved. Congratulations. Vicky

Victoria L. (age 56)

August 2020

My gym closed down as a result of Covid-19 and a friend suggested I joined Sterling Results Fitness Club online classes. I live in Adelaide and SRFC is in Sydney, but I thought I'd give it a go. In the end I attended between 2-4 classes every week online for 8 weeks.
Sonia the trainer (and owner) did a fabulous job, I really felt apart of the classes (even over Zoom), getting the necessary adjustments if I wasn't doing a move correctly, and most importantly getting me the motivation I needed to keep fit! I would highly recommend Sonia and SRFC, a great boutique club worth joining! :)

Sue M (age 56)

I've been so happy with Sterling Results! Constant and consistent guidance and support as i build up my fitness at a pace that's right for me... especially as I suffer from osteoarthritis... I highly recommend Sonia and the team at Sterling Results to anyone looking to get back on track and take control of their fitness!

Jane T. (age 42)

Awesome classes, Sonia certainly puts you through your paces in a fun and supported manner with lots of encouragement and plenty of laughs! Just tried out the new stayfit class... loved it!! Definitely worth a try!!

Kay T (age 76)

Sonia is a terrific motivator. She pays excellent attention to each individual in her class and ensures that all the exercises are performed in the most efficient way. Her classes are both fun and rewarding. She is currently running an 8 week pre-Christmas which aims to not only increase fitness levels but provide us with a healthy lifestyle in the future. We get daily tips and encouragement from her and she also provides excellent ideas for healthy eating. I have never before come across a fitness instructor who is so motivated and committed to her clients.
I've been going to Sonia's Golf fit classes for about 4 months now. I thoroughly enjoy every class and my fitness level has certainly improved. And I'm even starting to hit the ball further!! A great result.

Genoeffa V (age 55)

Thank you for your help in improving my golf fitness. Owing to your FITAAA classes, I was able to increase my strength, endurance and flexibility in order to produce a more consistent swing. And to go on to win the Bronze Championship at my Home Club!

I am very impressed with your care in ensuring our safety and comfort whilst doing the exercises.

Your classes are fun, varied and informative. Your positivity and vivaciousness is infectious. I look forward to every session.

Sonia, all the best in the future, particularly with being nominated for Best Fitness Trainer.

Elana K. (age 49)

I’ve tried gyms. I’ve tried PT’s. Sterling Results Fitness Club classes are a perfect combination of both. And Sonia makes it tough but so much fun. Oh, and of course us as clients make it fun too!

Katrina C (age 46)

I absolutely love Sonia Wray’s classes ! I only started going last week after doing her Hikefit program every weekend, Of which I’m totally addicted ! I love that the classes are small and well suited to the clientele. Sonia takes great care to cater to the needs of all clients.

Dion M. (age 52)

Sonia’s classes are fantastic. She’s really focused on getting the technique right so you get the full benefit of the workout without injury and - I kid you not - she makes exercising fun. Highly recommended.

Jenni M

September 2019

The Hikefit program with Sterling Fitness Results keeps me strong and healthy both physically and mentally.
I was referred to Sonia by a friend and started as a member over 2 1/2 years ago with a knee injury. Now I certainly feel stronger and fitter and hiking in nature is also another great way to keep your mind healthy too!

Sonja M

July 2019

Sonia‘s hikes are always great! She is an excellent Guide who really knows all the wonderful bush tracks in the National Parks. She always cares for everybody and her recommendations in respect of the correct level of hike are very reliable. The long weekends with longer, more exciting hikes are great fun and I really enjoy it. If you like hiking and want to get fit through hiking, this is the club to participate 😊
Sonja (with a ‚j‘!)

Melinda S,

March 2019

I started hiking with Sonia in March this year and haven’t looked back. I love it. Having 2 small kids and working full time I was struggling to find “me time” and the time to fit in the exercise I desperately needed. I am so grateful to have found Sonia and the hikefit program. I love that it gets me outdoors, it starts early and finishes early so I get to spend the weekend with my family and I have met some really great people. Give it a go. It might just be for you.

Patrick O’S

November 2018

I've just returned from Nepal after successfully completing a 3 week Everest base camp trek. Without any doubt, I would not have made it without Sonia's help. Her Hike Fit training program, tailored to my level and the equipment I had was fantastic, and along with the helpful advice on gear, Nepal, altitude and everything else was amazing. Sonia, thank you so much for your help and enthusiasm. You helped make an incredible adventure a success.

Anne T

November 2018

I was linked in by a friend to Sonia's Hikefit program in 2017 as I was preparing for a trek to Everest Base Camp in October 2018. I hadn't done much in the way of hiking before this and so felt that I would benefit from Sonia's experience in this area. I wasn't wrong! Over the past 18 months, she has provided me with the training and preparation I needed to get me fit for the trek and I can honestly say, I couldn't have done it without her. Apart from the physical preparation which entailed regular hikes around Sydney's beautiful bushland areas with a fabulous group of like minded people, Sonia also prepared an individual fitness program for me, gave me excellent advice as to what I would need to buy and pack for the trek to Base Camp and kept me motivated in the months leading up to it. And even while I was on the trek, she was supporting me with advice about coping with the cold and altitude. I would absolutely recommend Sonia's hike fit program for anyone considering a trek of any nature and even if you just want to find a great way to get fit, the weekend hikes she organises are fantastic.

Paula M,

September 2018

I’m so glad to be back hiking with Sonia & her group. It’s a fun few hours of outdoors activity, close to home, with lovely “non judgey” fellow hikers of all different abilities and goals and from all walks of life.

Tracey W,

March 2018

I join Sonia most weekends on her fabulous HikeFit program. It is a 2.5 - 3 hour work out on the various walking tracks throughout the National Parks of the North Shore ... it is not a bush walk, we work hard!! My fitness level has bounded ahead from doing this program. We have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, enjoy our natural surroundings and usually learn something new on each hike. Thoroughly recommended!!

Katrina C,

October 2018

I absolutely love these hikes , being in nature , seeing so much of Sydney’s beauty, the serenity of it all . I love meeting likeminded people some who have become friends and all have been friendly and supportive . I’m so much stronger than when I started , achieving so many goals along the way . Not only are these hikes great for the body but also awesome for the mind a great way to clear the cobwebs of the week. Sonia Wray is an amazing guide and I’m confident in her local knowledge of the terrain and her concerns for our health and safety , we sometimes call her Mumma Bear . Do yourself a favour a try these hike , you might just become addicted like me.

Joanne R,

Sept 2016

How cool are the hikes. I joined Sonia and some of her regulars a few weeks ago. It was such an amazing morning, I loved it. It was so stress relieving, just what I needed. I look forward to booking into future walks

Jenni M

The Hikefit program with Sterling Fitness Results keeps me strong and healthy both physically and mentally.
After another amazing hiking weekend away on the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains with a wonderful group recently, I am looking forward to the next adventure. Until then, I thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend hiking in nature every weekend with Sonia and the wonderful group of hikers !

Susan R, USA

My husband and I - both in our 60's - had never been to Peru, but we had done some guided mountain trekking before. This Trek exceeded our expectations by a long shot! Thanks to Sonia's Virtual TrekFit program, and our Group interactions on Facebook and Skype beforehand, we had fun getting ready to go. And then the trek itself - those stupendous mountains! Not to diminish Machu Picchu, for it was as amazing as expected, but in truth, the trek along the Salkantay High Pass trail was the star of the show - we both judge it to be the highpoint (excuse the pun) of our trip. We're not just recommending this trip to friends and families - we're urging them to go!

Jim D, USA

You did an outstanding job organizing and managing the trek, my highest compliments!!!!

Jamie R, USA

Your monthly exercise Guidance and phonecalls were helpful, and motivating

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