As a women over 50, Sonia understands the challenges we have all faced. Hence, she takes a special interest in Women over 40. If this is you, and you want to transform into a healthier you, Sonia can help. Busy lifestyles, family commitments, work requirements, all of these components of our lives can stop us from being truly healthy.

Sonia specialises in Resistance and Strength Training, based on the latest models and techniques. This is ideal as strength training rebuilds the bone cells we naturally lose through the ageing process.

Each personal training session is designed specifically for each client, focusing on a) their personal goals and (b) any injuries that may present. Our programs start with a one to one complimentary assessment to better understand your fitness goals and what’s important to you. Then we create a plan together on how you can get to where you want be and stay there. We will consider exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to transform you into the New You.

Commitment is all it takes to make a difference. And Sonia will help you make that difference

Many of our clients would love to have a Personal Training session or two each week, but just can’t justify the time or money. So to help, we offer SMALL Group Classes. The maximum class size is 8, and the class will always run if there are two participants… so we think of them as SEMI – PRIVATE Classes.

Being a small group, you get the same technical dedication from your trainer as you would in a Personal Training Session. We will modify your exercise if you arrive with any strains of injuries.

The other main benefit of the classes is we are a COMMUNITY. Everyone gets to be friends and we support and encourage each other’s fitness goals. Come and join the fun

45mins CIRCUIT style or HITT class
Thursday focuss’ on the TABATA style of training (women only)

60min Boxing class which includes a 15min CORE workout. (women only)

60mins YOGA Stretch Class. The style of Yoga is dependent upon the participants.

60mins designed specifically for clients over 65, who are looking to maintain movement, flexibility, balance and strength. Classes are held at our Willoughby Fitness Studio, as well as the Balgowlah, Warringah and Chatswood Golf Clubs.

3 hours Hiking in Sydney National Parks, different hike levels ensure you can start where you feel comfortable and improve hike Fitness each week with consistency

SRFC Vision is to Transform Your Health, together we can do that through either
Personal Strength Training or in a small group. Our fitness studio is based indoors in Willoughby.

Within the Studio is wide range of dumbells, kettlebells, bars, medicine balls, TRX suspension cables and free weights along with treadmill and steppers. Intermixed with the resistance training, many of our clients take advantage of the specialised High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and our small group classes.

Time Table

  • STAYFit Classes 45min fitness class

  • FITAAA Classes 60min circuit class (> 65 years or those starting out))

  • YOGAFit / Pilates Classes 45-60mins

  • BOXFit Classes 60min boxing and core class
    Cancelled during COVID-19 Restrictions

  • HIKEFit Sessions upto 3 hours, hiking in nature
    Cancelled during COVID-19 Restrictions

  • STRENGTHFit, 30 Mins personal training
    Cancelled during COVID-19 Restrictions


Sonia’s classes are fantastic. She’s really focused on getting the technique right so you get the full benefit of the workout without injury and - I kid you not - she makes exercising fun. Highly recommended.

Dion M. 2017


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